The Dappered Den Dinner Party

Earlier this month, we had our first annual "The Dappered Den Dinner" event. Close friends and family joined us to celebrate the soft launch of the brand, in true "Dappered Den" style.

When guests sat down, they were greeted with their names in gold.

Color palette : red, burgundy, ash gray, slate gray, ivory.

Opposite side of each guest name, was the dinner menu (in gold on slate gray linen paper).

A brown beverage tasting {ofcourse}.

Passed food, that one simply can not pass up.

 Hand rolled cigars {a staple}.

Hand rolled cigars {a staple}.

Dukes of The Dappered Den toking, discussing, etc...


You read that correctly. Using a wine glass for drinking whisky is a reasonable thing to do, especially if you're just looking to evaluate the different nuances of Scotch Whisky. Most wine glasses are tapered which allows a greater appreciation of the whisky being nosed. And for the ladies, drinking whisky from a wine glass is... cute.

We'll explore the best glasses for drinking Scotch Whisky in our next post. Stay tuned.